Top Male Celebrities Following Bracelet Trend

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Top Male Celebrities Following Bracelet Trend


When it comes to wearing jewelry, men is simply less confidence than women. It may happened due to different culture around the world or the environment. Men were not encouraged to wear jewellery or accessories just as women. Even so, nowadays lots of men wearing jewellery and it's not a big deal. Designer and jeweller tried hard to make jewellery can also be used and fit for men. There are lots of celebrities out there who wear accessories and start encouraging other men to do so. Here are some inspiration from male celebrities who loves to wear bracelet and they following bracelet trend since long ago.

1. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is one of the actors that loves to wear jewellery especially bracelet. He ever caught wearing handmade bracelet which was created by his daughter, Lily Rose. His jewellery has evolved in the recent years. The brown leather wrist cuff is one of the items he still wears today. He also wear earring even no men was using it before. Earrings, necklace, bracelet and every other jewellery has connection with Depp since long ago. Depp who mostly known as Captain Jack Sparrow has lots of jewellery collection including timeless leather bracelet. In many occasions, Depp was caught wearing many types of bracelet as we know that he loves bracelet that much. Just like when he attended the 2014 Transcendence photocall, he wore layered rope bracelet, statement necklace and ring. 

2. Robert Downey Junior

Nothing can hold you back from wearing jewellery even if you aged and no longer a teenager. In fact, you can still use jewellery like bracelet to complete your look no matter how old you are .The actor who played Ironman for decade also loves to wear bracelet. RDJ was one of the celebrity who use Pura Vida bracelet. Pura Vida is one of the popular bracelet from Costa Rica. RDJ never hesitate to wear any of his accessories along with his outfit including formal attire. He also sometimes use his beaded bracelet to enhance his look. So, bracelet trend is something you cannot avoid right now.

3. David Beckham

Wearing bracelet is tricky thing for men. Actually if you want to wear bracelet as accessories you can find the one who suit your style and look simple, remember that less is more. Look for suitable and sustainable design just like David Beckham. Beckham often uses bracelet to complete his look. Once he wear sustainable bracelet made from woven and make some Champaign about ocean plastic waste. David Beckham also loves minimalist jewellery, so if you want to take him as your inspiration, you can choose simple bracelet whether it leather, gem or metal.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor whose popular since his acting in Titanic also a bracelet-fan. He was caught wearing a red string bracelet during SAG Award. Rumor told that the bracelet was the symbol of Kaballah, a Jewish mysticism. Later he confirmed that he got his bracelet when he visited Angkor Wat, Cambodia during his holiday. Whatever people may see your brace or the meaning behind it, just go ahead and you may win something just like Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar. His appearance also become inspiration since he pair his bracelet with a tuxedo.

5. Zayn Malik

Bracelet trend
If you think bracelet only fit and suitable for girls or women, you better watch the British singer Zayn Malik. Husband of Gigi Hadid shared lots of his photos of outfit completed with statement necklace and bracelet. He mostly use bracelet on any occasion whether it's metal, rope, chain and other types of bracelet. This kind of jewellery match all of his outfit and this become proof that you can also wear bracelet to be even more stylish and cool. Not only wearing personal bracelet, Zayn also wear matching evil eye bracelet to his wife and daughter, Khai. To get some inspiration how you wear bracelet, you can watch all his bracelet photos and find which one you can find and wear.

6. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, Australian actor who also loves to wear his bracelet along with any outfit. He often wears bead bracelet such as Tiger's eye, onyx stone and cobra head bracelet. He still keep up his fashion even he put more than one accessories in his hand. Wearing bracelet is not easy for some guys but this "Hunger Games" star proves that any guy can be cooler with any types of bracelet that he chooses. Liam has mostly wear natural gemstone bracelet. This type of bracelet have long been linked to spiritual energy and some people believe it can deliver power to the bearer. The bracelet also look beautiful since earth have formed naturally over time. Next time you want to use beaded or gemstone bracelet, you can give it a try.

Tips to wear bracelet like celebrity

A bracelet is the simplest accessories to wear. A small band of beads leather or beads can give your outfit that extra glimpse and it also can help to share bit of your character and personality without saying any word. It can be used on any occasion including at your work space.

To wear bracelet like a celebrity, first you need to find the right bracelet that match your personality. Check if the bracelet has proportional size and colour. The band or bracelet should be fit to your wrist, not too large or too small.


Remember that it should be effortless. You don't need to choose any large or heavy metal for your bracelet. Better to choose any natural material such as leather, stone or wood. Consider where you going or the occasion also important when you want to wear the right bracelet.

For formal occasions, you can wear single or thin bracelet with dark or natural color. You can also wear silver or gold bracelet that match your cufflinks. What if you want to be stunning in a special occasion? You can choose bolder bracelet with layers or any variety mix. But before you go out, make sure you check yourself in front of mirror. If you think you wear too much accessories, you can consider to remove layers of bracelet and put the simple one.