The Top 10 Secrets of Choosing the Right Accessory

What's the secret to choosing the right accessories? Usually, people use accessories as a complement to fashion to be more confident about their appearance. Even though the accessories are small in size, they give a distinct impression on one's appearance, here are the secrets to choosing accessories to enhance one's appearance.

1. Choose a Simple Design

The first thing in the secret to choosing accessories is that usually, simple accessory models make you look more elegant. Suppose you are wearing a beaded bracelet on one wrist.

It is also possible to wear multiple bracelets on both wrists of the same style, but slightly different but matching colors. For example, you could combine a gold bracelet with a brown bracelet because the colors are the same.

There is nothing wrong with combining several bracelets of different styles, but the colors of the bracelets must match one another. In general, wearing a bracelet with a simple model next to the wrist shows more of an impression of elegance and elegance.

2. Wearing Metal Accessories

The secret to choosing other accessories is accessories made of metal or stone, giving a more elegant look than other materials. Stone or metal can emit light, giving the impression of being shiny and luxurious, but don't overuse it.

If you use excessive amounts of shiny metal jewelry, it certainly makes your appearance seem strange and less attractive. If you want to wear a glitter bracelet, you can wear it on one wrist.

3. Accessory Color Matches Clothes

The variety of accessories is very diverse, so choose the one that suits your needs. However, the right thing is the color of the accessories will be good with the clothes you are wearing.

It does not mean that the color of the accessories must be the same as the color of the clothes. But between the color of the accessories and the fashion, it should match or match. Colors that are different make the appearance look worse.

So, you can combine the color of accessories with clothes to match, by paying attention to complementary colors. Complementary colors are two colors that are combined to create a harmonious impression because they complement each other.

4. Wearing Watches and Bracelets at the Same Time

The function of the watch is not only to provide timely information but also as an accessory to support the appearance. Some people only choose one of the watches or bracelets, which are used as accessories.

However, some wear both at the same time, there is a secret to choosing accessories in combining watches and bracelets. The right mix is ​​that the size of the bracelet is smaller than that of a watch.

If the bracelet size is too large, the watch will not be visible. Small or thin bracelets are more suitable for a watch.

You can also wear a bracelet or watch on a different wrist. Provided that the color of the watch and bracelet match, and they also match your current fashion.

Simply put, you can choose a bracelet or watch in neutral colors like black, gray, white.

5. Determine the Impression You Want to Show

Accessories are not just a fashion style but can reflect a person's character and personality. Because through the accessories you wear, it means that you express yourself.

The selection of accessories is the impression you want to show in front of everyone. Do you want an elegant and cheerful appearance? Then you can use accessories with bolder colors but simple designs.

However, if you are someone who likes to appear simple and doesn't like flashy colors. The right accessories are silver or nude.

6. Don't Overdo It

It is a secret to choose accessories in general, if the accessories are used excessively it will make the appearance unattractive. Because all excessive things will not have a good impact, including the use of accessories.

When using accessories, avoid making them seem crowded and heavy on your appearance. If the accessories you wear stand out enough, you don't need to add other accessories.

We recommend that you avoid wearing bracelets, rings, or earrings at the same time, especially if the accessory size is large. If you want to wear it, then choose accessories that match the clothes and activities you are going to do.

7. Pay Attention To Hand Size When Choosing A Bracelet

Determining accessories is also a special strategy, the secret to choosing the next accessory is to adjust the bracelet to the size of the wrist. For those of you who have big wrists, then choose a bracelet that is a little thick, don't choose too thin.

This is because a bracelet that is too thin makes the wrist look bigger and fatter. Therefore, thick bracelets are more suitable, so as not to look too small on the wrist.

For people who have small wrists, a big bracelet can be an option. However, you still have to pay attention to the size. If the diameter is too large, it will make the bracelet wearer uncomfortable.

Do you have a wrist that is neither too big nor too small? You can choose a thin bracelet that can be an option. You can use several bracelets on this type of wrist.

8. Customize Accessories with Activities

You can also choose bracelet accessories by considering the activities or activities to be carried out. When working or in a casual environment, a bracelet with a simple design is suitable for stacking two bracelets as a sweetener.

Meanwhile, if you are on vacation or hanging out, you can use a bracelet that seems colorful to make it look attractive. You can also stack some of those brightly colored bracelets but still have to pay attention to the color harmony.

However, when attending a party or special event at night, a glittering and elegant bracelet model can be an option. For example, wearing a bracelet that has gemstones or a classic pearl bracelet.

9. Matching the Color of the Bracelet With Your Skin

Taking your skin tone into account when choosing a bracelet is the secret to choosing the next accessory. Take, for example, someone black is suitable to wear a bracelet that is the tone or muted, such as gray or pastel.

Meanwhile, the skin color of most Indonesians, namely brown, can wear gray, black, and navy bracelets. However, whites work well with accessories of any color, best of all red, yellow, or pink.

People who have olive skin color can wear orange, maroon, yellow, black, and white bracelets.

10. Wear Premium Quality Bracelets

If you are looking for a handmade bracelet of premium quality, which makes the accessory durable, look for it at Sesoris. Bracelets made by skilled craftsmen, coupled with premium quality materials, can inspire confidence when wearing them.

The bracelet design is also eye-catching, equipped with a cross-band, so it can be adjusted according to the wrist size. What are you waiting for? Get a premium quality bracelet that is affordable, but not cheap.

In conclusion, from the discussion of the secrets of choosing accessories that the use of accessories cannot be chosen carelessly, several things must be considered. You can use premium quality accessories so that your confidence will increase and be more elegant.