Premium Handmade Bracelets of Nature's Twist with a Dazzling Ethnic Side

Premium Handmade Bracelets of Nature's Twist with a Dazzling Ethnic Side

In fashion, the existence of accessories is very important to support appearance, one of which is a premium handmade bracelet. Bracelets are accessories used by many people, and it has so many materials, from gold, rope, leather, metal, and rubber.

Many kinds of bracelets with various models and colors are widely sold in the market. However, premium handmade bracelets are also in great demand by bracelet accessory lovers, who prioritize aesthetics.

Another accessory that is worn on the wrist is a watch, but the bracelet design looks more attractive than a watch. The bracelet design is so unique and varied, making it an added value for the bracelet.

Apart from paying attention to the element of beauty, premium quality bracelets are designed with the user's comfort in mind. Generally, premium bracelets come with a cross-band, so they can be adjusted to suit the size of each wrist.

One of the premium bracelet online shops that are growing in Indonesia is Sesoris, which is oriented towards the best quality products. You can choose various models of premium bracelets according to your taste at Sesoris, of course, at friendly prices.

Nature’s Twist Premium handmade bracelet

Nature's Twist is one type of premium bracelet that Sesoris sells, here is a premium bracelet from Nature's Twist.

1. Brilliant Earth

This premium handmade bracelet set offers multi-colored ribbons that can be customized to your style. The Brilliant Earth bracelet provides two options, which can be chosen according to taste, consisting of silver, brown, Tosca, and green.

Chocolate is a color that contains both earth and earth elements. Psychologically, brown means strong, reliable, foundation, and strength. Meanwhile, Tosca is synonymous with the meaning of stability, calm, emotional balance, and patience.

Meanwhile, according to the psychology of color, green is synonymous with nature. This color is commonly used to help balance and calm one's emotions, when in a stressful situation.

This eye-catching accessory comes from premium quality material, so it can adjust the wrist size. It is equipped with a combination of colors, so it is visually beautiful, it is also very comfortable on the wrist, even though it is worn in the summer.

This punk and tribal style bangle bracelet is ideal as a gift-giving, plus a customizable cross-band. This contemporary bracelet design is suitable for both semi-formal and fashion complements.

2. Revibrant

A premium handmade leather bracelet that can be an option in combining fashion by adding color to the bracelet accessories. The bracelets are designed with leather strands that are combined in various styles and are made by experienced craftsmen.

From the dexterous hands of craftspeople, the resulting bracelet is 100% genuine leather, which is finely textured, making it an art of excellence. The smooth texture makes this bracelet comfortable against the skin.

The leather base material used for the manufacture of the bracelet is cut using a professional molding tool to produce a premium quality bracelet. This premium handcrafted bracelet comes in a combination of brown, black, white, and silver colors.

Silver or silver, in the psychology of color, means mental, emotional, and physical harmony.

3. Presents of Mind

Jewelry is one simple way to enhance your style and show your personality. You can choose a premium handmade bracelet to support your appearance, both during formal meetings and holidays.

The Presents of Mind bracelet combines black, silver, blue, and brown colors to enhance your casual look. Based on the psychology of color, black gives the impression of strength, confidence, mystery, classic, dramatic and elegant.

In business, blue gives off a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness, and a symbol of strength. This carefully woven leather bracelet you can use when working, attending parties, shopping, and more.

In the manufacture of this carefully braided leather strand bracelet, the size is available to everyone. An accessory that is suitable as support in formal or casual clothes, can be a choice of gifts for loved ones.

4. The Strand

If you are looking for an accessory that is simple yet sparkling in design, then The Strand premium handmade bracelet can be an option. The bracelet is combined with brown, blue, black, gray, white, and silver colors, made by hand-woven, experienced craftsmen.

The psychology of white is related to the impression of being clean, light and holy, while gray is a mixture of black and white. The psychology of gray is considered neutral, which describes independence, stability, seriousness, and responsibility.

Classic leather bracelet consisting of wooden beads, hemp rope, linen, with a variety of bracelet shapes and colors. So, this bracelet is durable, sturdy, and does not break easily, due to the premium quality base material.

Because of these advantages, this bracelet is suitable for use when attending parties or other events, as well as being an ideal gift. This handmade fashion bracelet comes with a gift bag as a complement to the gift.

5. Royal Brown

This tribal and punk style bracelet looks eye-catching and is adjustable in size to the wrist. Equipped with multi-colored ribbons and premium quality materials, making this bracelet comfortable to wear, even in hot summer.

This premium handcrafted bracelet, designed in a variety of brown and silver colors, looks simple, yet exudes extraordinary visuals. A contemporary accessory equipped with a customizable cross-band, providing a comfortable wrist fit.

Not only is the appearance of the bracelet important, but comfort should also be a consideration for the bracelet wearer. Royal Brown can be used on casual occasions as well as an ideal choice when giving gifts.

6. Bohemian Findings

Bohemian Finding is a bracelet designed in a combination of brown and black colors, complemented by a multi-colored ribbon. You can fit this premium handcrafted bracelet to fit your wrist, as there is a cross-band.

The existence of this feature makes the bracelet comfortable to wear, both on casual occasions and in supporting the style of dress. An accessory that looks eye-catching, radiates great visual enjoyment and is comfortable to wear in summer.

This contemporary bracelet with punk and tribal nuances can be an ideal gift for your loved one on a special occasion.

If you want to find a bracelet that is designed simple, simple but elegant, you can buy a premium handmade bracelet from Sesoris. A wide range of premium quality bracelets that are durable, comfortable to wear, with contemporary designs, ready to complement your fashion needs.

Some people see fashion as not just clothes, but fashion can reflect a person's character and is a form of lifestyle. A fashion style that is beautiful, elegant, and easy on the eyes, makes a person more confident.