Best Materials for Premium Handcrafted Bracelets

The materials used to make premium handmade bracelets vary, almost the same as the common bracelet materials. The difference is that the quality of the materials used by premium bracelets is better than other bracelets.

Bracelet accessory lovers, definitely want their bracelets to be durable, not easily damaged, and comfortable to wear. To make the bracelet remain a complement to fashion, then you have to take good care of the bracelet.

However, it is not just bracelet care that makes the accessory durable. However, the raw material also affects the durability or lifetime of the bracelet.

Through premium quality materials and the hands of reliable craftsmen, Sesoris sells bracelets that are designed with the comfort of the wearer prioritizing. Putting aside the beauty of the bracelet, when choosing this accessory, the comfort aspect also needs to be considered.

Because the function of the bracelet to enhance the appearance and support of fashion will be in vain if the user is uncomfortable when wearing the bracelet. Sesoris is an online shop that sells various premium quality handmade bracelets.

Some Sesoris bracelet models are also equipped with a cross-band so that they can be adjusted to fit the wrist size. The design aims to make the user comfortable when wearing the bracelet.

By combining quality materials and comfort-oriented, the Sesoris bracelet looks superior and attractive to other bracelets. So, the premium handmade bracelet materials come from premium quality materials as well, here are the materials used by Sesoris.

1. Rope

Sesoris uses straps to design premium handcrafted bracelets, the type of straps used in making various bracelets. For example, such as hemp rope, which is a rope derived from the fibers of the hemp plant.

Hemp rope is suitable as a bracelet material that will be designed with a simple and natural impression. In addition, the hemp rope which has coarse fiber is also strong and is resistant to bacteria and fungi.

There are also satin straps that have a shiny and slippery surface and are made of polyester. In addition, the ropes that can be used for bracelets are prusik ropes and paracord straps, which are commonly used among climbers.

Meanwhile, the suede strap is a rope made of synthetic leather and has a flat, rough, and slightly stretchy shape. However, Sesoris does not use suede straps as the raw material, because Sesoris' premium handmade bracelets come from genuine leather.

2. Skin

When I heard that Sesoris was selling premium handcrafted genuine leather bracelets, it was true. Usually, the basic material of genuine leather used to make bracelets comes from certain animal skins.

Leather bracelets can come from cowhide which is thick, stiff, but soft. It can also come from lambskin which is strong and chewy.

Goatskin is also commonly used as a material for various crafts, besides that the texture of this animal skin is also strong and supple. There is buffalo skin which is used as a basic material for leather crafts, the texture of the leather is not much different from the texture of the cowhide.

Meanwhile, leather handicrafts derived from water animal skins are taken from the skin of tilapia and stingrays. Tilapia has a soft, strong, and slightly scaly skin texture, therefore it is widely used in the bag, shoe, and so on industry.

Stingrays have a distinctive skin texture and are slightly bumpy, the properties of the skin are durable, strong, and fire-resistant. The skin is usually used to make small accessories, but the stingray leather handicrafts are quite expensive. This is because catching stingrays is quite a difficult action.

3. Metal

When you hear the word metal, usually what comes to your mind is gold, even though there are many types of metal. Sesoris also produces premium handmade bracelets that are derived from the metal, namely zinc.

However, other metals are commonly used to make bracelets besides gold, namely silver. The hallmark of silver is its smooth and shiny texture.

Another metal used as a bracelet is copper, which is more flexible than gold and silver. In addition, there is very good resistance to titanium, as well as being able to adapt to some solutions, such as chlorine and seawater.

Bronze is also used as an ingredient in making jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Jewelry made of bronze is no less attractive than jewelry made of gold.

Other metals such as palladium, lead, and chromium are also used as materials for making bracelets. The types of metals that have been mentioned have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

4. Beads

Hearing the word beads, besides bracelets, this small object can also be used to make jewelry such as necklaces. Some of the premium handmade bracelet models sold by Sesoris also use beads.

Beads have various sizes and shapes, besides that the materials are also various. Usually, beads are made of stone, glass, plastic, wood, pearls, etc., and have small holes on both sides.

These objects range in diameter from less than 1 millimeter to more than 1 centimeter.

5. Gemstones

Some of the premium handmade bracelet models from Sesoris are embellished with gemstones. Apart from bracelets, gemstones also adorn other accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Gemstones are minerals that are formed due to geological processes, from one element or several chemical components. However, gemstones undergo a polishing stage before they become part of jewelry.

Meanwhile, stones that can be categorized as gems must meet some requirements, namely having durability, rarity, and beauty. The types of gems that are most in demand by the world community are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

The materials discussed above are the materials Sesoris uses to manufacture premium handmade bracelets. When viewed from the various models of bracelets being sold, Sesoris does not only use one material in the bracelet model.

However, most bracelet styles are combined with straps, leather, metals, beads, and gemstones. And, combined with a variety of colors, which can be selected according to your needs or tastes.

Sesoris uses premium quality materials, plus the manufacturing process involves the hands of skilled craftsmen. So, be a variety of premium quality bracelet models that are simple, elegant, and ethnic.

You can see various models of the bracelet on the Sesoris website. On the website, there are also testimonials from customers who have bought bracelets at Sesoris, on average giving a good rating.

Although the Sesoris bracelet is of premium quality, the price of this bracelet is relatively affordable. However, there are things you should pay attention to when choosing a bracelet, namely prioritizing the aspect of comfort.

Because, no matter how beautiful the bracelet you choose, and no matter how good the quality of the material. If you are not comfortable wearing it, then the accessory does not function optimally as a complement to appearance.

Reflecting on this, Sesoris tries to create a bracelet that prioritizes user comfort. In addition to using premium materials, the Sesoris bracelet is equipped with a cross-band, so that it can adjust to the size of each person's wrist.