7 Reasons Why Wearing Bracelet is A New Trend

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7 Reasons Why Wearing Bracelet is A New Trend

We live in the era where people sometimes tend to find crucial meaning and creating a purpose of anything including what they wear. Definition of stylish is also no longer attached to luxury, high end or branded item. Nowadays, fashion item including jewellery need to be meaningful and personalized. Many people want to find product that looks unique and come with great quality. Here are some reasons why men should consider to use jewellery and follow bracelet trend. Bracelet is one of the versatile jewellery that man can wear. So, these are the reasons why bracelet is a new trend nowadays.

1. Stylish Accessories

Men without accessories can be so boring from the fashion perspective. So jewellery including bracelet can be an add-on item to make you look even more cool and stylish. People who loves to wear bracelet usually put more attention to detail. Bracelet can also make someone look more masculine and it can be wore together with a watch. If you still looking for reason why you should start accessorizing, you can check any guy in your area or maybe you can check the celebrity who use it as fashion.

2. Show character and personality


It's no longer a secret that wearing different color or material of bracelet can represent different character yet personality. Accessories can be vital for some people including men, so they will feel incomplete without using them. Nowadays, there are a lot different types of bracelet such as leather bracelet, men's bangle, gemstone bracelet, chain, gold and silver bracelet etc. Men who are more casual and easy going may love to use any bangle or leather bracelet, or those who love sophisticated things may be will pick the gold or the silver one. Any types of bracelet can enhance your outfit but make sure you choose the right one to make it complete.

3. Improve health

Did you know that some kinds of bracelets can benefit your health? Gemstone bracelet is one types of bracelet that can help the body to restore the energy and rejuvenate your physic also mental. It is also mentioned that gemstone can emit the positive energy and absorb the negative one. They have been used for medical purposes since thousands years ago. But, to get the health benefits you sure must know and understand what type of gemstone you wear as accessories. Even there is still no scientific evidence of the gemstone health benefit, gemstone may considered its effect in pseudoscience.

4. Embracing Trend


Every season has it's own trend and following trend is not something you should be guilty for. If you want to look stylish, you can also follow the current trend. By getting inspiration from magazines and celebrities, you can get almost similar or even the same accessories including bracelet that they wore. As a modern men, you can pick which bracelet that will go with the trend and keep up with other fashion item as your outfit. Even you follow the trend, you still can find the meaning of your personality through the classy and fashionable bracelet. This year, wearing bracelet is a trend and wearing any of them to update your look is a must. Based on Euromonitor, men's clothing and accessory markets already grew 4.5% in 2020 and before it just 3.7%. It's predicted that men's accessories will keep growing in the next year

5. Starting conversation

Sometime wearing stunning accessories including bracelet can help you to encounter the social situation such as any gathering, party or even meeting. When you wear bracelet, you tend to find right topic to start the conversation rather than just keep silent and don't know what to do to break the awkward moment. You can simply ask someone else about their accessories especially if they wear bracelet. Ask them if they love to wear any types of bracelet or how they feel great with their accessories. You can also make compliment such as "nice bracelet, i like it" or "you look so stylish with your matching bracelet and tie". By giving compliment or asking their preference in fashion, you can easily start the conversation. The same thing will be happened to you if other people notice that you wear any good bracelet. So, from this time on you can wear your bracelet to any social event but don't forget to style it right.

6. Make you look more attractive

Bracelet trend

It's not a secret that using accessories can make you more attractive. By wearing jewellery including bracelet, you also possible to create your personal look and boost your confidence. Based on some survey, 85% of women think that man who dressing well and using accessories look more attractive than having a lot of money. 64% of women are also more likely to marry a man who can utilize accessories and dress properly. So, it is important that if you want to be more attractive to your opposite then you should start wearing accessories. Don't get hesitate to add bracelet and other accessories to match your style.

7. Give profesional and successful image

Who said that man who wear accessories is not capable in formal work and doesn't look professional? I'm fact, using accessories can help to build a good image in profesional field. Yet, based on evidence 22% of men believe that they will be more capable to earn more money by dressing properly and using more accessories. Also, 75% of Americans think that man who use accessories is more successful in his carrier. So, if now you think that wearing accessories is not necessary in attending work, that's absolutely wrong. You still can wear lots of accessories as long as it still match your outfit and doesn't look overwhelming.

Those are some reasons why bracelet is on trend and you better start put bracelet and other accessories along with your fabulous outfit. Don't get hesitate by the stigma which declare that wearing accessories is not a manly thing. Just choose the right accessories for your outfit and you will look more dazzling.